Crey Science

Creating Worlds of Learning



83% of children

80% of parents

17 million learners

say they learn more and learn

say learning through play is one

are already on the 3 leading

better when it feels like play.

of the most beneficial educational

educational content platforms.


techniques for developing their



child’s skills.





The Challenge

The Solution

Existing learning material is static,

A creative platform where users build,

hard to share and non-engaging.

learn and share.

Current digital platforms do not invite for co-creation and do not reflect

Teachers and learners of all ages co-create together in an easy and

the diversity of interests and learning preferences. This makes it hard to

playful way. Everyone is enabled to publish and monetize their own

build 21st century skills and puts teachers under pressure to teach with

learning content. Collaboration and sharing are the driving forces towards

outdated, non-efficient material.

the goal of democratizing learning content.



Crey Science

Playful co-creation of learning content

We believe that everyone is a creator. We know that learning through play is deeply human. We are convinced

that solving problems together leads to the greatest achievements.

Crey Science unites playful creators and lifelong learners. Fuelled by the co-creation movement and the power

of collective intelligence it has the potential to transform education and the way we learn.

The Product

Building on the world's most intuitive creator platform

Crey Games, the platform behind Crey Science launches in September 2018 and allows for creating games in hours and days, not weeks and months.

A social and viral platform for teachers and students

Exchange knowledge, co-create, explore, play and build businesses together. Crey Science taps into the co-creation movement that is a successful formula in many industries.

The creator-economy platform: a validated business model

Crey Science enables users to create, publish and monetise their own lessons and learning content. It is based on the highly successful business model from the games' industry.

Funding Goal

We have the first users on our platform and secured office space in Hungary to establish our development team next to the existing team of Crey Games. In October we will get a Crey Science content environment, to separate the learning content from the game.

We are seeking €500,000 funding to grow the organisation and the business, get professional content developers onto the platform and build the customer base.

Seed funding


37% Business Development


24% Software Development


€ 500,000


21% Community & Marketing




18% Operations






Planned Milestones

Launch MVP

August, 2018

Found startup

October, 2018

Raise seed funding €500,000 December, 2018

Expand team to 7 employees February, 2019

Launch Crey Science Frontend MVP May, 2019

Launch Crey Science Beta

October, 2019

Start sale of professional content December, 2019

Founding Team

Hermann Kudlich

Carsten Brinch Larsen

Co - founder & CEO

Co - founder & COO

Hermann has worked with product innovation and

Carsten has been working with product, technology

lean startup methods at LEGO Group for over 9 years.

and business development at LEGO Group for the

He has lead major digital initiatives and product

past 14 years. He headed up project management at

launches that have pushed innovation beyond ‘the

LEGO Universe, the Massive Multiplayer Online Game

LEGO brick’.

while the project grew from 15 members to more than

At LEGO House, he created the digital guest journey

150 members.


and breakthrough play experiences, seamlessly

The last 6 years he has been heading up technology

linking physical and digital LEGO play

groups with the focus on digital technologies.



János Flösser


Janos is founder of Game Studio Io Interactive and later CCO for Square Enix’ Western studios. Member of the Digital Experts Committee of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences, advising The Danish Government on Technology.

He has been member of think tanks for the Danish Ministry of Education